Restaurant Review – Mitts & Trays

About Mitts & Trays:
Located at the new extension of CityWalk lies a poised, elegant and refined casual-dining restaurant that strives to serve tasteful and balanced dishes that blend both traditional and modern styles. As we walk in, the first thing we appreciate is the friendliness of the staff who seem to go out on a limb in order to ensure that we felt comfortable and at home. The decor and ambiance of this place isn’t too fussy or high maintenance. We get the feeling that Mitts & Trays is trying to strip away from the glitz and glamour of a posh and fancy restaurant and rather focus on and showcase what they’re naturally good at – producing good and wholesome food. But did Mitts & Trays live up to the hype it stirred on Social Media?
What We Ate:
To begin with, we tried the M & T Batata Bravas which is a starter comprising of chunks of potato drizzled with hot demi-glace (a rich meaty flavored brown sauce), cheese sauce and sour cream topped with scallions and chopped onions tasted rather indulgent. The presentation of this dish being served in a skillet seemed very appetizing and as we looked around the restaurant, we noticed a serving of Batata Bravas on almost all tables. Although this Spanish dish is supposed to be packed with flavor, we found it a bit too bland for our liking. Also, the potatoes weren’t as crispy as we would’ve hoped.  Nevertheless, if you’re a potato-junkie, you’re bound to love this dish and it also serves as a perfect accompaniment with your mains.
Next, we also had the Wagyu Sizzler which comprised of Lava grilled Wagyu “Lollipops” on a bed of potato puree. The reason why we ordered this dish was simply because we couldn’t really visualize it and have never really tried a “wagyu sizzler” before. Unfortunately, the wagyu was a bit overcooked (we expected that since those tiny chunks were placed on a fairly hot skillet). However, we liked the texture and flavor of the potato puree.
Our favorite among the starters would have to be the M&T Burrata. Yes, we’ve had better burrata elsewhere, but the qualify and taste of the burrata was rather delicious and went perfectly with the heirloom cherry tomatoes, fresh figs and drizzle of pomegranate balsamic dressing. Not to forget the decadence in the presentation of the salad which led us to grab our cameras and cell phones to capture insta-worthy pictures. The struggle is real!
When it came to our mains, we opted for the Chicken Roulade  which comprises of mushroom and brie stuffed chicken on olive crushed mash and served with a sage and cepes (type of mushroom) jus. To start off, the dish looked irresistibly delicious. The chicken was cooked beautifully tender and the flavors of the stuffing were spot on. The decadently clear jus served as a perfect accompaniment to the chicken and oh! not to forget that gloriously smooth mash that had the most blissful flavors and textures. Such a win!
And although the Chicken Roulade might seem to have stolen the day.. enter M&T Braised Short Rib! Believe it or not, these short ribs tasted even better than they looked. These slow cooked and dark braised beef short ribs were fall-off-the-bone tender and the sauce makes you salivate with every bite. Although there was a bit too much fat content in our meat, we still highly recommend this dish!
What we liked about Mitts & Trays dessert options was the fact that each dessert item is gloriously displayed in the restaurant, each with their own charm and appeal patiently waiting to be picked and devoured by its customers. After a rather long session of contemplation and regret for not having appetites that of elephants, we decided on two desserts.
We opted for the M&T Saffron Cheesecake since we wanted something light, and this cheesecake unlike many, is one of the lightest desserts we’ve had. We also opted for a slice of “Happily Ever After” which comprises of cardamom sponges with saffron infused cream frosting topped with pistachios. Although the flavors were a bit bland and we couldn’t taste the cardamom , we loved the airiness of the sponge in this dessert.
Address & Contact Details:
City Walk – Phase 2
Al Wasl, Jumeirah
Dubai, UAE
Tel: 04 4510023

The Bill:
M&T Batata Bravas – Dhs 35
Wagyu Sizzler – Dhs 69
M&T Burrata – Dhs 58
Chicken Roulade – Dhs 78
M&T Braised Short Rib – Dhs 105
M&T Saffron Cheesecake – Dhs 40

Ambiance: 3/5
Food: 3/5
Service: 3.5/5
Value: 3/5

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