Tresind’s Winter Menu

Back to a place that never fails to blow our minds:
You know the feeling kids get when they’re about to enter their favorite amusement park? That’s pretty much how we feel right before we step foot into Tresind. And we say this not just because of their theatrically presented dishes, but the roller-coaster of flavors and textures that our palettes experience too. This restaurant has single-handedly set a rather high benchmark for all other fine dining restaurants, Indian and otherwise, to be weighed against. We happened to find ourselves at the doors of this modernist Indian restaurant a few weeks ago and got the chance to savor a few dishes from their new winter menu. Needless to say, Tresind seems to be raising their own bar and are doing so effortlessly.
Winter is here:
When one hears ‘Winter Menu’ one would obviously assume a menu filled with warm, rich, humble and hearty dishes. But at Tresind, it’s never that simple. In fact, if you’ve never dined at Tresind before, it would be beneficial to discard all expectations and assumptions out the window because it isn’t just an ordinary Indian fine-dining restaurant. And is precisely why we love this place so much.
dsc_0307No matter how new or innovative Tresind’s menu gets, one thing is for sure, your meal will commence with a deconstructed Pani Puri at the start of your meal. This is essentially an amuse bouche with a distinctive take on a classic Indian street food dish using molecular gastronomy and spherification.
dsc_0280dsc_0296dsc_0304Next, we tried the Kadak Pao which is a type of hard bread served with a tomato salsa that’s prepared on the table using a mortar and pestle and served with hummus and olive pickle. In a way, this dish is a reinterpretation of the famous Italian dish ‘Bruschetta’ but the taste is distinctively and pleasantly different.
dsc_0274Our third course comprised of the roasted baby corn salad that was again, creatively prepared at the table. The baby ‘bhutta‘ was roasted on coal to give it a charred look as well as elevate the flavor of the salad with its aromatic fragrance and smoky flavor. Once the baby corn was perfectly roasted, it was then beautifully plated with chaat masala, radish, micro cress and lemon juice. How something so simple could taste so delicious was beyond us.
dsc_0371dsc_0381dsc_0422For our fourth course, we were presented with a small grill on our table nestling a banana leaf parcel served with curry leaf chutney and fried banana chips on the side. Once we unwrapped the casing, we were greeted with a decadently looking fillet of Sea Bass coated with a red, spicy marinade and cooked to tender perfection. This dish is called Sea Bass Patropoda which basically means ‘cooked in a banana leaf’. This method of cooking retains the natural flavor of the fish and ensures its perfectly moist and flaky.
dsc_0450Moving on to our next course, we tried the Banarasi Aloo Papad that’s an Indian take on a classic Mexican dish – guacamole. Here again, it’s just the concept of the dish that’s been inspired by a different cuisine, not the flavor. In this dish, shards of papad (thin crisps made from peeled black gram flour) represent nachos and mashed white peas is used in place of avocado. This dish ticks all the boxes in terms of flavors, textures, and concept. And to be blatantly honest, we prefer this over guacamole any day!

An age-old culinary tradition in Rajasthani palaces involves literally cooking a whole marinated chicken in an earthen pot for several hours ‘inside earth’. We’ve read about this a long time ago and were super stoked to witness the concept being brought to Dubai. Of course, at Tresind, ‘earth’ will be brought to you table. The Jameen Doz Chicken was cooked for eight hours and needless to say, the meat was tender and succulent all the way.
dsc_0473dsc_0477dsc_0486Our seventh course was Seekh Kebab and Idiyappam. The concoction of these two elements was rather unusual but surprisingly delicious nevertheless. The seekh kebab was tender, juicy and had the right amount of spice and heat. Not to forget how beautifully presented the dish was and the bursts of flavor provided by the pickled onions and radish.
dsc_0493Our next dish was an example of how a simple dish can be glorified using premium quality ingredients. The butter poached prawns at Tresind were absolutely delightful, with the perfectly poached prawns shining through the dish.
dsc_0516It was finally time to try out the very humble, very simple (jokes) Birbal Ki Khichdi which comprises of Indian Dal (or lentils) surrounded by 58 other ingredients that are individually incorporated into the dish at the table. Tresind seems to have managed to banish the stereotype of the ‘humble’ khichdi by including exotic ingredients like saffron, mulberry, coconut, rose and the likes to ensure that each mouthful encases different textures and ingredients. Delish!
dsc_0554Our tenth course was the Pressure Cooker Chicken Stew. Only at Tresind, can you manage to pull off a pressure cooker being served in a fine dining restaurant. The aromatic stew was fragrant, warm and all things winter! The addition of carrots and potatoes added a beautiful texture to the stew and tastes phenomenal with steamed rice. Comfort food at its best!
dsc_0598dsc_0599For dessert, we started off with Jalebi being presented on a traditional scale (how it’s done in India).Jalebi is a popular Indian sweet-snack that’s made using flour batter that’s deep fried and then soaked in sugar syrup. The jalebi was perfectly crisp and warm, and a perfectly way to kick start our dessert fiesta!dsc_0615

The Ghewar Mille Feuille was probably one of the best desserts we’ve ever had. Not just for the decadently presented layers, but for the beautifully concocted ingredients and flavors. Inspired by a French pastry, this dessert comprises of layers of pistachio mousse, shortbread crumb, raspberries, lychee and rose sorbet.  Perfection, to say the least.
dsc_0666We also tried the baked rasgulla with raw mango ice cream and raspberry tuille. The flavors of this dessert were as impressive as its presentation. The pleasantly moist texture of the rasgulla complimented the tuille perfectly. And the sharp contrast in flavor aided by the raw mango ice cream elevated the flavor of the dessert on the whole.dsc_0640
For our final dessert, we tried the Sheer Khorma comprising of ghee roast kataifi pastry (vermicelli), dulce panacotta and saffron gel topped with 24K gold flakes. Typical Tresind, extraordinarily delicious!
Ambiance: 4/5
Food: 4.5/5
Service: 5/5
Value: 4.5/5

Address and Contact Details:
Nassima Royal Hotel
Level 2
Tel: 04 308 0440

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