Dim Sum Masterclass at Wakame

You may not comprehend it right away, but each dining experience is construed as an adventure for us. When we walk into a restaurant, the atmosphere, the people, the service and the food are vital elements in determining how well an ‘adventure’ fares and if we somehow do come across a restaurant that seems to excel in every field, we’re going rave about it months to come. Our dinner at Wakame was one such dining experience that got us smiling the entire evening from ear to ear.

Dim Sum Masterclass at Wakame
We were absolutely stunned and ecstatic to have the opportunity to witness a private masterclass by Chef Lloyd Roberts, Head Chef of Wakame, as he demonstrated how to make different types of dim sums. He taught us how to make a perfectly smooth dough from scratch, and the delicate art of folding handcrafted dim sums. There’s a technique for getting that perfect little scallop shape: tuck, fold, press. Chef Lloyd was an absolute stunner and a pro at rolling out perfect dim sums. As for us, our techniques were questionable, barely managed to get a few neat-looking ones. We also watched him carefully prepare fillings for the dim sum such as spinach and cream cheese, chicken and ginger, and prawn, scallop and mushroom siu mai. After the dim sums came back from being steamed (which roughly took about 3-5 minutes), we got to enjoy them!

The Post-Masterclass Feast
After an hours worth of rolling, stuffing and folding (we’d be lying if we said we did all the work), we were rewarded with a splendid feast of some of Novikov’s finest dishes.
We started off with Edamame, followed by Calamari, Vegetable Tacos, Rock Shrimp Tempura and Salmon Sashimi. We then moved on to our Favorite, Crispy Japanese Eggplant and Burrata Salad with Yuzu Truffle. It may seem like an odd combination of ingredients, but they work perfectly well together. We also sampled the Wakame flame maki that is literally set fire to at the table and the Firecracker Roses comprising of salmon rose, chopped spicy salmon, and tempura crumb. Everything we had spread out on our plate was completely and instantly devoured and we left the restaurant feeling happy and content.

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