#DineWithWMFA at Carnival by Tresind

When we decided to launch the #DineWithWMFA series, we made it a point to include only the best and most refined restaurants in Dubai. Which is why our second event was held at Carnival by Tresind, a restaurant that easily bags the top stop in one of the most innovative and creative restaurants we’ve been to. We were certain that Carnival by Tresind would pull out all the stops for our followers to make sure they have an unforgettable night. What we didn’t expect was for us to be gob-smacked ourselves by the sheer brilliance of the restaurants modernism and originality.

The Competition
We did not expect the mammoth-response we received when we announced the competition on Instagram during mid November. It was then that we realized that it’s not just us that consider Carnival by Tresind a culinary sanctuary, but turns out the rest of our 43,000 plus followers to do. It’s always a wonderful feeling to learn how eager your followers are to dine with you, but let’s be pragmatic, it’s Carnival’s charm that got us all the attention. With over 650 entries, we could choose only eight lucky winners. And boy were they ecstatic!

You’re Invited!
Once the winners were selected, we got our inner graphic designers out and designed our own invitation cards which we planned to send by post. We wanted to add a personal touch to this event and figured the only way to do it would be by making handmade cards. Fortunately for us, our invites were well-received.

Chapter 2 – Carnival by Tresind
The entire event was a surprise to us as much as it was to our followers. The first half of our #DineWithWMFA event was a special cocktail masterclass hosted by the cocktail connoisseur himself , Sherine John. After years of training in India, he finally steps foot into Dubai to demonstrate magic through his cocktail concoctions. We started off with a modernist take on Kir Royale complete with spheres and foam, Followed by a Boiling Skull, Mystery Tea and a lot more creatively crafted mocktails.

Once we were done with drinks at the bar, we then moved on to the dining area where we got to sample some of Carnival’s finest dishes. Our favorite dishes included Life is Happy Halloween, Short Eat Dessert First, Makhanphal, Dal Phulka, Vada Pav service, and Carta Farta. Nothing satisfied us more than watching our followers stuffed with food until they can’t breathe and the best part? They were super excited for dessert.

For our final dish, we tried the Gajak, our grand finale, and we mean this in the most literal sense possible! Inspired by the eccentric presentation techniques used at Alinea (one of the best restaurants in Chicago and the world), this dessert is artistically prepared at your table on a large silicon mat. With strong hints of caramel, peanut and chocolate, this dessert tasted similar to a snickers bar but looks nowhere close to it.

We feel truly honored and blessed to be collaborating with a brand that has set itself apart from the rest in terms of exquisite fine dining food. We were sure that our followers would be in for a treat from the moment they step into Carnival, and the restaurant did not disappoint. If you’re in Dubai, as a tourist or resident, and haven’t made a visit to Carnival yet, you’re surely missing it. Chef Himanshu and his team and in for a journey of excellence, and we won’t be surprised to find them amongst the world’s 50 best restaurants one day.
Below are a few snippets of what our lucky followers shared on their social media platforms. Have a look and until next time, see you for round 3!

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