#DineWithWMFA at Spice Klub and Quattro

We decided to be a bit adventurous for a change and cover two amazingly phenomenal restaurants in one dinner party. This way, our guests get to experience two restaurants, we get more food, and basically, everyone’s super happy! After a lot of hunting and research, we decided to host our first #DineWithWMFA dinner tour at Spice Klub and Quattro – two gastronomical restaurants that celebrate Indian and Italian cuisine with a twist. What’s the twist you may ask? It’s all vegetarian! Yes, VEGETARIAN! And we know what you must be thinking – How did WhereMyFoodAt, a couple that thrives on meat, choose two vegetarian restaurants for their #DineWithWMFA dinner party? Well, believe it or not, the food was outstandingly good, to an extent that we weren’t missing our meats one bit!

We started off our tour at Spice Klub that serves up some outstanding Indian delicacies with a molecular twist. The food was exquisite, including their DIY Pani Puri that looked like it was produced in a Science Lab, their decadently rich and cheesy Pav Bhaji Fondue that was beyond sensational in taste and aesthetic appeal and not to forget their Lassi shots that absolutely blew us away!

They’ve also got some of the most intriguing mocktails we’ve come across like the icy coconut water and the mango on the rocks (we’re definitely coming back for this). We spent a good couple of hours laughing, munching on some delicious starters and sipping on mocktails before we headed to Quattro for our mains and desserts.

Dining at Quattro was like an adventure in itself. The restaurant serves a combination of Mexican and Italian specialties with its own little spin on it. Again, we were willing to make peace with our Italian food being vegetarian, but we’ve never tried and tested a vegetarian spin on Mexican food before. Thanks to Quattro, we’ve now learned that no matter what the cuisine, no matter if it’s vegetarian or non-vegetarian, if the flavors are evident, you’re bound to love their food. As much as we loved their pizzas, pastas and mains, the standout for Quattro would definitely have to be that luscious deconstructed Tiramisu that kept us and our guests digging for more.

Ultimately, we had the most remarkable night, filled with lots of food, surprises, outstanding service and lots and lots of laughter. We are truly and highly thankful to the brilliant team of Spice Klub and Quattro for hosting such a fabulous night. It was faultless – to say the least and we can’t wait to bring more of our friends and families here!

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