Featured in Khaleej Time’s WKND Magazine

We were so honored to be one of the few lucky couples chosen by Khaleej Times to talk about how social media can sometimes deepen the connection between two individuals and make it more secure 🙂 <3

Here’s what the article had to say about us:

If you live in the UAE – and love food – you’d be hard-pressed not to have heard of the popular blog www.wheremyfoodat.net. What most people don’t know is the blog is run by a very talented – and young – couple. Kimberly D’Souza and Denver Britto, both aged 24, studied at the same school, but never actually spoke to each other then. In fact, it was food – and BlackBerry Messenger – that brought them together four years ago.
“Back then, BBM was huge,” explains Kimberly. “We would chat for hours and we connected through food. We would always talk about different shows on TLC for Food Network or about the latest restaurants in town. That’s how we fell in love.”
Since their family and friends knew they loved eating out, the couple started getting a lot of requests for restaurant suggestions. So, Denver came up with the idea to start a blog. 
“It was meant to be a personal thing,” laughs Kimberly. “We wanted it to help our friends and family. We didn’t expect it to become so big.” 
Today, the couple are influencers in their own right, with 54.9K followers on Instagram, and some scrumptious looking pictures on their website. They work on their blog together; Denver is in charge of photography and posting, while Kimberly handles the writing and interaction. According to Kimberly, working on their blog, which is much like a ‘mini business’, together has brought them closer than ever.
“It’s not all fun and games – it can get stressful, but after three years, we’re used to everything,” says Kimberly. “In the end, all you have to do is make sure you spend more time with each other in person than in the digital world.”

And here’s the link to the entire article: http://www.khaleejtimes.com/lifestyle/love-in-the-age-of-millennials


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