How to throw a party without going for broke.

You know, it’s not true what they say about having to shell out the big bucks in order to throw a decent shower or party for someone. There are ways to cut back without looking like you’re cutting corners, and we’re going to tell you how. From choosing a location to decor to favors, you can implement a number of money saving tips and still throw a shower/party to be remembered.

  1. Location:
    Agreed that the best way to save your money is by throwing a shower at home, ho, ever there are some circumstances where this simply won’t work. Either your space might be too small or the location might not be convenient. Also, even though you might think there’s no expense in throwing a party at home, you’ve got to take into account the catering costs, renting out tables and chairs, and the added pressure of making sure all your guests are attended to. In such circumstances, its best to have it at a restaurant (doesn’t have to be a fancy one).
    Now this is the hard part since location is everything, and it literally sets the tone of your event. So make sure it syncs with the theme of the shower/party you’re throwing. It’s important to invest a lot of time researching the best restaurants that are not only beautiful to look at, but are accommodative to your needs (for instance some restaurants do not allow decor), located in close proximity to most of your guests and most importantly (for us at least) serve delicious food!
    What we’d recommend: The Farm Al Barari is a beautiful space to have your event but only if its outdoors and during winter. If you’re planning an event during summer, then we feel Aubaine in Citywalk is definitely the way to go. The restaurant is breathtaking, and there’s lot of natural light, making the pictures come out brilliant. We’ve personally worked with both the venues and they’re super friendly and supportive when it came to our needs like getting our own flowers, decor and basically transforming the entire space according to our theme.
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  2. Invitations:
    Invitations don’t have to cost anything. It’s 2017, so skip the snail-mail invite and opt for an e-invite instead. There are a couple of online services we’re familiar with like Paperless and Evite, where guests appreciate the ease of RSVPing via email, and you’ll feel good about saving money and trees.
    What we’d recommend: Designing your invite can be fun, provided you know someone who’s familiar with the basics of photoshop or any other editing app. All you have to do is pick out your favorite border template from pinterest (making sure the size of the template is reasonably large), and then just fill in with your favorite fonts and colors. Easy peasy!
  1. Food:
    If you go as per what we suggested and throw your event at a restaurant, you’ve got your food sorted right there. Make sure to fix a three-four course set menu with the manager a couple of days in advance so your guests can select their courses from a pre-approved menu that you’ve chosen rather than order a Dhs 200 Lobster from the A La Carte menu. Nobody wants that.
    If you’re having the party at home, its best to make the food yourself and avoid hiring a caterer. A good idea would be to spread around the costs for food by having each person who’s helping with the shower/party bring a dish.
  2. Flowers and Decor:
    – We love making our own centerpieces. Its more cost efficient and adds a nice personal touch to your event. We strongly recommend heading to your local flower shop and spending a good amount of time selecting the flowers you’d like. Spend time studying the prices of the flowers and how they would sit in your vases. Roses, asters, carnations and baby’s breath are beautiful and reasonably prices as well. If you have a look at the pictures below, we got the blue glass bottles from Homes R Us, not only did they look beautiful at the event, but we took them back home and are now sitting pretty on our kitchen shelves! The watering can centerpieces are from Dragon Mart – another decor haven for affordable and super pretty finds.
    – Balloons go a long way in adding that ‘fun’ element to any event (except weddings.. don’t even). We are loyal customers of Party Center in Al Garhoud, they’ve got balloons in literally every shape, size, and color. So once you walk in, you can be rest assured to have a bunch of decor ideas gush through your mind.

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  3. Cake:
    We’re food bloggers, so if there’s one area we’re willing to shell money out on, its food and more importantly, Cake. When it comes to perfection, accuracy and peace of mind knowing that your cake is going to be spectacular – we’d definitely recommend Sugaholic Bakeshop for all your sweet-tooth needs.
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  4. Games:
    Stick with games where all you’ll need is paper and pens. Again, Party Center provides some really fun game cards that involves all the guests. Let your floral decorations double as prizes — winner gets the table centerpiece, or you could buy a box of chocolates too! Win!
    Our Favorite game? If you’re throwing a bridal shower, Stock up on cheap toilet paper. Divide the guests into teams and assign them to create the best toilet paper “wedding dress.”
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  5. Favors:
    It’s customary for party guests to receive party favors. Search around and be creative – you might find inexpensive options for favors, like pretty soaps, candles, or candy. One word – Dragon Mart 🙂
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  6. Stationary:
    No, you don’t need an arts and crafts designer. All you need is pinterest, a funky font, photoshop and your local printing shop. Again, be creative and design your own’Thank You’ tags, menu cards etc. that instantly add an elegant touch to your event.

Hope these tips helped! If you have any questions on vendors, decor suggestions or even menu ideas – feel free to holler! xo

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