CaliBurger goes International

Don’t we all have one of those days where you don’t care how pretty your plate looks, how fancy the ambiance is or how trendy the restaurant might be? All you want is affordable, delicious and comforting food that’s good for the soul and enough to keep your fast-food cravings satisfied for weeks. Yep, we’re talking about Cali Burger. Believe it or not, it took us a while to get here; almost a year in fact. But you know what they said, better late than never right? And our recent visit to Cali Burger to try out their new international menu made us wonder why it took us so long in the first place.

We’re talking ‘International Burgers’ like Smokehouse, Californian, Hawaiian and Greek Chicken – all delicious in their own way and filled with toppings you wouldn’t want to resist. Our favorite – the Smoke House, of course. The best part about it was those crunchy onion rings that added a beautiful texture and didn’t turn soggy, surprisingly. If you want to go easy on the carbs, then try the try their Beef Quesadilla filled with cheese, tender beef, and veggies. Perfect snack-food!

If you’ve got a smaller appetite than ours but still want something amazingly delicious, their spicy Dynamite Sliders are the way to go. These little babies are tiny, but are packed with flavor and are heavy on heat – so spice-lovers will adore this one! Their Quesso Dynamite is also a must-have if you love cheese and spice! It’s perfect as a snack to go with your burger, or just as a meal by itself. Yum! Wash it all down with their famous Lotus Shake. It’s one of the best we’ve had! You can try it and thank us later 🙂

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