The new Bakemart Gourmet in Jumeirah is a STUNNER!

It’s true what they say. People really do eat with their eyes. It’s not just about the taste anymore, it’s about the entire eating experience. And the people of Dubai are classic examples of this little mantra. It’s not just about the food anymore, it’s about presentation, ambiance, service, concept and the works. Which is why we strongly feel that the new Bakemart Gourmet in Jumeirah is going to give the rest of the bakeries in Dubai a run for their money.

Unlike many bakeries we’ve visited that focus only on making their products seem “grammable”, Bakemart goes that extra mile in making sure the taste, flavors, and textures work beautifully together – and THAT, according to us, is the key to survival in such a competitive culinary market in Dubai.

Bakemart Gourmet has always been a firm favorite for many in Dubai, and have somehow found themselves part of countless birthdays and corporate celebrations for years to come. If someone had to ask us how many times we’ve devoured their delicious, signature Mango Cake, our answer would be “countless”. In fact, there were even times we would make up reasons to celebrate just so we have that gorgeous Mango Cake in front of us! Haha!

But during our visit to the new Bakemart Gourmet store in Jumeirah, we realized that the brand is more than just delicious cakes. Did you know Bakemart Gourmet serves an entire breakfast, lunch and dinner menu too? And boy do they serve a mean burger! It tasted so juicy and fresh, we wiped our plates clean and did not feel guilty doing so. Make such to wash it down with one of their signature watermelon or sweet melon drinks. They combat the Dubai-heat perfectly and look super cute too.

We happened to step into Bakemart during the season of Eid, and we happened to come across their Eid gourmet treat boxes that were almost too pretty to eat. They were so delicious, we’d honestly suggest them selling these all year round! These wooden boxes are actually customized by Bakemart themselves – so brownie points there for the presentation.

Like we said earlier, it’s all about the experience. And Bakemart delivers with their gorgeous outdoor garden that’s going to be a firm favorite of ours as soon as the weather cools down. We can totally see ourselves lounging at their garden while sipping on some afternoon tea and devouring some delicious cake. Ahh, bliss.
Be it a lunch with colleagues, an afternoon tea with friends, a dinner with a loved one, or a birthday celebration with family and friends, we can assure you that Bakemart Gourmet is the brand to trust.


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