You better go to ‘That Place’

It’s no secret that we’re suckers for new concepts, anything that will whip social media into a frenzy, or assuredly contribute to our gram’s eminence. It’s what we as bloggers feed on, it’s what we desire, and there’s no greater satisfaction (for us, at least) than to come across a food concept that’s genuine, inventive and downright delicious!
A couple of days ago we dined at ‘That Place’ (yep, that’s what the cafe is called), and were blown-away by their delectable stuffed buns that come in over 15 different varieties to choose from depending on what flavor you’d prefer. Their buns come with a choice of dips and toppings, and we left it in the trusted hands of Arpita, the founder of That Place, to concoct something spectacular for us. And boy did she deliver!

Before we begin jotting down our favorites, we feel it’s important to mention that the consistency and freshness of the buns itself are commendable. It was light, soft, airy and perfectly encased the stuffing inside. We also thought the proportion of bun to stuffing was bang on the money. We, in fact, felt that the buns were over-stuffed and trust us that’s not a bad thing.
When it came to our favorites, we absolutely LOVED the ‘Forest Baby’ which is a stuffing made from tomato sauce, mozzarella, baby spinach, feta, pesto sauce, mushrooms and sundried tomato. We loved the slightly earthy taste delivered by the mushrooms and the tang from the tomatoes. Perfect combination! We also loved the ‘Lebanese Tales’ which is basically a shawarma stuffed in a bun. The bits of spicy potato cubes and green chili that added heat to the bun were so good!

They also serve mini dishes, and their Parmesan Garlic Spicy Fries are a must have. Also if you love your protein, then their ‘Fry Me Italy’ which are crispy spicy chicken tenders served with a spicy dip is the dish to order.

But of course, what got us weak in the knees? Their Nutella Bun. Aptly named ‘Dreams Come True’, this beauty is a chocolate chip stuffed bun served with Nutella spread (of course), chocolate sauce, and vanilla ice cream. Good. Bye. Diet. We also think its incredibly cute that ‘That Place’ goes that extra mile into turning your favorite chocolate into a dessert! Isn’t that so adorable? You’ve got to try it out!

The best part about this place, sorry, That Place, is the fact that one visit can never be enough. We can’t wait to head back and devour the rest of their buns because they’re undoubtedly going to be STUNNING.

Trust us guys, these carbs – they’re worth it!

Small portion consists of two buns which include a dip for each bun and a topping, costing between Dhs20-Dhs30, whereas their Large portion consists of four buns, costing between Dhs40-Dhs65.


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  1. We simply loved the place….it’s just awesome….superb blend of creativity and gourmet expertise….Highly recommend it..10 on 10..👍🏻

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