The Best Brooklyn Pie Pizza in Dubai

Do you have that one place you’d want to go if you’re in the mood to eat your heart out? A place that’s fuss-free, not overly priced, and served deliciously simple food that will leave you stuffed and crawling back home? Well, we’ve got many! But Francesco’s Pizza located at the Greens easily waltz its way to the top of our list.
It’s the kind of place you’d like to take the guys too; guys with big appetites who enjoy ginormous portions but at the same time can’t stand quality and taste being compromised.
A few weeks ago we did just that. We took the boys out for lunch to Francesco’s Pizza and we were so glad we did.

We started off with their signature pizzas of course. The Field Mushroom Pizza had that real earthy taste and complemented the mozzarella and ricotta beautifully. Topped with roasted red peppers and oregano, this pizza is a total WIN, even for avid non-vegetarians like us! But of course, nothing can beat their Brooklyn Pie. We’re taking mozzarella, beef pepperoni, Italian sausage, ricotta, and oregano. And it’s not just the topping that makes this pizza taste so incredible – it’s the base, the bread, that’s soft yet crisp and adds a whole new dimension to the entire pizza.

When it comes to their pasta, we would definitely recommend the Old Fashioned Spaghetti and Meatballs and their Penne Alfredo. The best part about their plates of pasta are the portions since one pasta bowl is big enough to be shared by four people. Top tip: Make sure to order their garlic knots too – it’s honestly one of the best garlic bread we’ve had in a long time!

Where do you go for your pizza and pasta fix?

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